24 Interview with Kieran Swail Digital Change for Travel & Tourism

Digital Technology has helped evolve and change the experience for travellers in 2016 – It presents many of opportunities for both businesses and customers to take advantage of to help improve and enhance the experience.  In episode 24 I chat with Kieran Swail Innovation and Technology Specialist at i3 SRC Newry

Kieran has mentored over 100 businesses through a range of different funding streams to help businesses in their path to become more innovative and do business better.

We discuss how businesses can think about using new digital technologies more effectively to improve the visitor experience especially from a ‘pre destination’ How technology can become an enabler pre – durning and post visit with technology being all around us.

We wrap up with some advice for Students studying Travel, Tourism or Hospitality how to get a start in the industry  – the importance of being creative and innovative and never giving up till you get what you want.

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