34 Interview with Claire Stewart

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In this episode, I chat with Claire Stewart Chartered Accountant Partner at Cartmill Stewart & Co. Chartered Accountants based in Northern Ireland. Claire is a small business advisor, mentor, and author.

We chat about Cartmill Stewart & Co. how the business was formed and the types of professional services which it offers to clients both small and large. Claire talks about her path to becoming a Chartered Accountant and how she wanted to change the ‘stereotypical’ example of what an account was.

We discuss the importance of goals in life and Claire explains that running a business is just a vehicle to reach personal goals. Claire shares her insights and thoughts on the importance of aligning goals with what you want to happen and how even though you might have a plan don’t be afraid to take a different route.

Claire shares her 3 best tips (which was hard) from her book 25 ways to help get your business off to a good start;

– Get over your fear

– Take a risk

– Don’t Network just to get a sale

Finally, Claire gives some useful insight into how to get into a career as a chartered account, possible routes and her goals for the rest of 2018