35 Interview with Emma Garrett

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In this episode, I chat with Emma Garrett CEO Mallusk Enterprise Park. I kick off by asking Emma to share a little insight on her career journey to date and some of the challenges along the way. Emma discussing how she worked her way up the career ladder and how it took her a little while to figure out what she wanted to do career-wise. <p>

We chat about her role at Mallusk Enterprise Park and also the types of the role the local enterprise center plays in helping those interesting in starting a business as well as those seeking to expand and grow their business further. <p>

Like me, Emma is an avid social media users so we get the chance to talk about the role which it plays with not just within small businesses but businesses in general. Emma talks about the types of content which businesses can produce to help engage with their customers, being personable and getting your personality across on social media. ‘People buy from people’ <p>

Emma talks about the 80/20 rule which she learned from her Dad ‘20% of your customers will generate 80% of your income for your business & how looking after your customers and building relationships are so important in business. <p>

Finally, Emma shares her 3 Tips for Students graduating in 2018 which that would help them get their foot on the career ladder; <p>

– Work for free to gain experience <p>
– What is your USP<p>
– How can you relate your hobbies or interests to the job you are applying for <p>