21 Interview with Niels Reib

The topic of Career Branding has never been more important than now with the explosive growth of Social Media and Platforms like LinkedIn which enable people to develop their own professional network and apply for career opportunities.

Episode 21 of the Podcast is a big one I get the opportunity to chat with global career branding expert Niels Reib from Denmark.  Niels shares many of this top tips and advice which he covers on his awesome courses which he runs via his online platform

He chats about his Career Branding Roadmap which he has developed to help those starting out on the journey or those looking to make a career change and why your website or ‘Home Base” as Niels calls is a tool which you need to have up and running. Niels finishes off with his Top 5 Tips for a effective LinkedIn profile which include:

  1. Picture  – Make sure you smile and it’s a professional image
  2. Your Headline Matters – this is a teaser of what you are all about
  3. Keyword – 5-7 of your strongest skills
  4. Summary – not to formal pick out 2-3 of your proudest moments
  5. Make sure you personalise your invites

Make sure to check out this website http://nielsreib.com/ and follow him on Twitter @NielsReib

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