32 Interview with Debbie Rymer

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In this episode, I chat with Debbie Rymer Principal of East Coast of Marketing Academy who have launched a CIM (The Chartered Institute of Marketing ) study center in Newry City offering Businesses & Individuals the opportunity to obtain a qualification in Marketing or Digital Marketing.

We chat about The Chartered Institute of Marketing and explore opportunities which obtaining a professional qualification can present. Debbie shares her insights on how both businesses and individuals can directly benefit from the qualifications.

Debbie talks about the importance of planning when it comes to making your digital marketing and social media efforts successful and how using a Digital Marketing Framework such as Dave Chaffey ‘RACE’ Framework help digital marketers plan and manage their activities in a more structured way.

Debbie also shares examples of which previous delegates who have gained their CIM qualifications, as a result, have been able to secure employment opportunities and promotions.

Check out http://www.eastcoastmarketingacademy.org/ for more details on upcoming courses as well as information on the full range of CIM Qualifications available.