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Thanks for stopping by and checking out this page to find out a little more about me.  Firstly hello and I hope you have been finding some of the episodes of the podcast useful and helpful on your business, career or life journey. 

I’ve been developing businesses since my early teenage years from early days with Wayne’s mobile disco roadshow to co founding a Ireland’s first Social Networking platform, I have learned a thing or 2 in business but have lots more to learn. 

The idea behind this podcast is SIMPLE  We are all on a journey.  My aim with this Podcast is to chat with people on their journey, find out more about some of the challenges they have experienced, how they have overcome these and what golden nuggets of advice can they share with those of us on our own path.  

If you have a story you’d like to share on the Podcast I’d love to hear from you please send me an email to: [email protected]

About The Podcast

Everyone kinda wants to know how that person started that business, maybe got that job or great opportunity.  I thought what better way to find out than to chat with the people who it happened too.

Enter the Zero Lives Left Podcast.  It all started off as a Career & Business Podcast but has developed into much more providing helpful information, tips and ideas on all things Business, Career & Life.  

My aim is simple with this Podcast to provide you with as much value as possible to help make your life as successful as possible.  

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If you’d like to support the show please get in touch.  We have a number of Sponsorship opportunities available.