60 EU Citizens Panel Virtual Worlds & Learning Mobility

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This episode takes an insight look at my recent trips over to Brussels for the EU Citizens Panel on Virtual Worlds and Learning Mobility which took place over 2 weeks in April.

Last year there were a number of conversations that took place to look at how to get citizens in Europe more involved in decisions that are being made about our future.  

So over the past couple of months, they have been holding citizen panels on a range of different issues from food waste to the future of cities in Europe. 

150 European citizens (picked randomly) from every different demographic and walk of life to go to Brussels over 3 weekends with one virtual meet-up.  

The aim of the citizen’s panel is to empower people to be involved in the decisions that impact everyone across Europe.

Coming up later on in this episode we are going to hear from one of the EU representatives explaining what the Citizens Panel is all about & its objectives & I get the chance to have a chat with one of the Irish Citizens who have taken part.

Grab a cuppa sit back and find out a little more like I did about how the Citizen Panel is helping shape the future of the European Union.