59 Interview with Tom Hughes

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In this jam packed episode I chat with my good friend Tom Hughes.   Tom is Partner in Lean at Lumen Electronics, Cofounder at GembaDocs & 3rd Digital, Author of “Improvement Starts With I.”

In the episode we start of by chatting about Tom’s business & Career journey.  Tom has recently published his first book Improvement Starts With I: A practical guide to building an extraordinary lean culture.

Tom chats about what exactly lean is & share the 5Cs

  • Candour
  • Commitment 
  • Coaching
  • Consistency
  • Continuous Learning

Finally top shares his top 3 tips for people in business or starting out on their business journey.

57 Interview with Peter Doak PDG Advertising

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In this episode I chat with Peter Doak from PDG Advertising based in Northern Ireland.  

PDG Advertising launched in  2015 as  a creative and results focused digital marketing agency, based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Our focus for a positive ROI for customers is our guiding light in delivering an Exceptional Digital Marketing Experience.

We kick off the episode finding out a little about Peter’s background and his reason behind setting up PDG – Peter chats about why simplification in digital is so important especial for the customer considering using digital advertising as a way to get in front of customers.  

With so many social media platforms at our disposal it can be difficult to find out which platforms might be best for a business to use to start to compete for attention & get their product or service in front of customers.  

Peter also shares a exercise he and his team use called ‘Fish bowling’ before they begin working with any new client & explains the importance of this exercise  

Finally Peter shares his top tips for businesses considering using digital advertising in 2022 as well as 3 key tips for those interested in developing a career in digital marketing.  

56 Interview with Dorcas Crawford

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In this episode I chat about conflict management with Dorcas Crawford.  

After over 20 years as a litigation lawyer and several years conducting a high profile piece of litigation (Northern Ireland’s longest running civil trial) Dorcas Crawford, senior partner at Edwards & Co Solicitors, began to re-evaluate the whole area of dispute resolution and concluded that there was a better way. 

She trained as a mediator with CEDR in London in 2008 and has since conducted numerous commercial mediations and added workplace mediation and facilitation training to her CV. 

Conflict is something which we all experience at one time or another  – the thing about conflict which Dorcas explains is that it’s costly, it’s destructive, it drains resources and it impacts peoples lives.  

There must be a better way… 

Dorcas shares her insights as well as some helpful tips in which businesses of all sizes can better manage conflict from the boardroom to right across the organisation.   

55 Interview with Henry Mc Crory

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In this episode I chat with Henry McCrory who runs a very trendy and focused marketing agency, with one of his closest and lifelong friends Christopher Mc Clenaghan. 

Creative3 has a clear goal of growing brands and businesses. They have unconventional ideas, are disrupters and grow brands, that grows businesses.

Henry has been though 2 recessions & now a global pandemic, he is a big believer everywhere we go we can make a difference, from the server at the coffee shop, to the big shot in the big office, we are no different.

In this episode we cover things from building your personal brand on LinkedIn to feeding your potential market. The importance of looking after your mental health & wellness as well as having the right people in your corner. 

Henry talks about showing your customers what’s possible. 

Sit back, grab a cuppa and listen in to some real honest business banter. 

54 Interview with Gary Day

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53 Interview with Lianne McCooey

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52 Interview with Aaron Watson

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36 Interview with Adrian Markey

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26 Interview with Kyle Gawley Get Invited

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14 Interview with Cameron Parker UK Elite Motivator

Having the Motivation to follow…
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