56 Interview with Dorcas Crawford

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In this episode I chat about conflict management with Dorcas Crawford.  

After over 20 years as a litigation lawyer and several years conducting a high profile piece of litigation (Northern Ireland’s longest running civil trial) Dorcas Crawford, senior partner at Edwards & Co Solicitors, began to re-evaluate the whole area of dispute resolution and concluded that there was a better way. 

She trained as a mediator with CEDR in London in 2008 and has since conducted numerous commercial mediations and added workplace mediation and facilitation training to her CV. 

Conflict is something which we all experience at one time or another  – the thing about conflict which Dorcas explains is that it’s costly, it’s destructive, it drains resources and it impacts peoples lives.  

There must be a better way… 

Dorcas shares her insights as well as some helpful tips in which businesses of all sizes can better manage conflict from the boardroom to right across the organisation.