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If you are on this page and have been listening to previous episodes of the Podcast you probably have a good idea on what Digital Marketing is? Am I right? Ok Cool what you are probably struggling with or not sure about is how the heck can I use it effectively for my business.  

On this page I wanted to put together a few thoughts or ideas for you to think about and also some tips which you can try which might help within your business – most if not all of this information will be relevant no matter what business sector you operate in.

So the first clue is in the picture on the right hand side…Yup

Digital Marketing is just Marketing 

All we are trying to achieve is marketing our business products and services by using digital channels.  An example of a digital channel is Facebook  – we use Facebook to get our marketing messages in front of people.  But we have to be careful it does not become interruption media. 

Something to think about and a great quote from 

Set Godin ‘Permission marketing is marketing without interruptions’ 

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