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36 Interview with Adrian Markey

35 Interview with Emma Garrett

34 Interview with Claire Stewart

33 Interview with Micky Quigg New York GAA

32 Interview with Debbie Rymer

31 Interview with Emma Boylan Outside the Box PR

30 Interview with Niamh McAuley Purple Dots Video

29 Interview with Nikki Bradley

27 Interview with John Sloan Navigator Financial Planning

26 Interview with Kyle Gawley Get Invited

25 Interview with Niamh Hogan Startup to Dragons Den

24 Interview with Kieran Swail Digital Change for Travel & Tourism

21 Interview with Niels Reib

19 Interview with Anita Dennison Online Bullying & It’s Impacts

The World of the Internet…

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17 Interview with Sarah Travers & Camilla Long Bespoke Communications

When it comes to business…

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16 Interview with Adrian Curran Facebook for Business

In another packed episode I chat…

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15 Interview Martin Murtagh Newry City Tours

When we are kids many of us…

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14 Interview with Cameron Parker UK Elite Motivator

Having the Motivation to follow…

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13 Interview with Cathy Martin Fashion Guru & PR Boss

Pr remains as important today…

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