Public Speaking Tips

Are you one of the many people who fear Public Speaking?

Guess what you are not alone.  In fact many people fear speaking in public speaking so much so that it even holds them back  from potential opportunities in life.  

 But the good news is that it’s very possible to overcome this fear.   I’ve been speaking now professionally for a number of years when I started out I was nervous and even suffered from Pre Speech Anxiety. 

Over the years I developed a number of useful techniques which have really helped overcome the nerves and anxiety thats not to stay that I still don’t get nervous before a talk I do and thats natural.   

My Top 5 Speaking Tips

  1. Relax  – You are probably thinking that is easier said than done.  But what I really mean is find a way to relax which works for you.  Some people use different techniques which helps them relax.  Breathing exercises are a great way to start, listen to some music or even lie on the floor (I sometimes do this before a talk) 
  2. Keep it Simple  – Don’t overthink your talk, speak in a way which is natural to you.  If you are using slides for example as a prop don’t fill them fill of text use them more as points of reference as you move through you talk.  
  3. Start with a Story – I like to start off my talks with ‘I want to tell you a story’ this is a great way to capture your audience attention and to refocus them.  
  4. Remember Pauses – For many people this is difficult they let sentences roll into one another.  Instead include 3-8 seconds pauses at key moments throughout your talk
  5. Experience  –  The old saying rings true ‘the more you do something, the better you become’ This is always the case with speaking.  Look for opportunities to speak.  The experience which this will give you will help develop confidence 
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