06 Interview with Nial Toner of The Tomorrow Lab Belfast

In episode 6 I speak to Nial Toner Senior Digital Marketing Exective at The Tomorrow Lab in Belfast.  Nial shares his valuable insight on how graduates in 2015 can kick start their Career in Digital Marketing. Nial gives practial tips and advice on why blogging is important and landing work experience are 2 of the most important factors for future digital marketing professioanals to factor in.  Key Steps to get your Career started in Digital Marketing.

In the second part of the interview we get to explore the world of Digital Marketing for SME’s and how Small Businesses can get more from their Digital Marketing efforts – Nail shares some really valuable advice on why Content and personality matters, just why engaging content matters and how SME’s can benefit from Link Building.

You can find out more information on The Tomorrow Lab Belfast by clicking here  and follow Nail on Twitter @nialtoner