25 Interview with Niamh Hogan Startup to Dragons Den

From Hobby to Business to Pitching in Dragons’ Den Niamh Hogan from Holos Skincare has had an interesting business journey so far.  In this episode of the Podcast I chat with Niamh about the early days of  setting up her business, how she got started and ended up pitching to Investors on the Irish Dragons’ Den

Niamh share great insights and advice to getting a business up and running and the importance of cash flow – without cashflow it can make it difficult to execute your business plan.

Niamh shares her 3 tips for Startups as well as pitching tips should you get the opportunity to pitch your business idea to an investor or in the Dragons’ Den. Building relationships is key and these days social media can help you build relationships on a global level  – it’s all about putting yourself in the right position.

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