27 Interview with John Sloan Navigator Financial Planning

Many of us hope for Financial freedom but very few people achieve it. When many of us hear the term Financial Planning a blank expression comes to mind.  For many people, they think the whole Financial Planning process is something of a complex process but it dosen’t have to be.

There are many simple steps which you can take along the way which will help you move closer to Financial freedom John Sloan of Navigator Financial Planning helps me explore this a little further.  We chat about the different types of debt the Good Vs the Bad debt which many of us have – potentially causing a lot of stress.  John talks about what he calls the Superman syndrome what this means and why it’s important for young professionals to think about.

John talks about the importance of writing down some simple Financial goals of what you would like to achieve and how a Financial advisor can help you reach your goals, we chat a little about putting a little aside each month and investing for the future.   This episode is packed full of great tips for Financial Planning if you need any further information make sure to stop by http://www.navigatorfp.com/

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