37 Interview with Dave Whelan

In this episode, I chat with successful serial entrepreneur Dave Whelan Founder & CEO of ByPhone.co.uk. Dave has been involved in VoIP systems since 2006 I kick off the episode by asking Dave to chat a little bit about his business and entrepreneurial journey to date.

We chat about something which has become important for all businesses Internet Security but more specifically what Internet Security has to do with Telecoms. Dave talks about how Cyber Criminals are using phone systems to make money by hacking systems.

Dave talks about one way in which businesses can protect themselves is by keeping systems up to date & limiting remote access. We chat about the benefits of using VOIP Technology for Business and the cost savings for businesses and the entrepreneur.

Dave gives us an insight into how his company is constantly pushing the boundaries of technology and experimenting with VR

Finally, Dave shares his top 3 bits of advice for Businesses & the Entrepreneurs

1: Stay close to your Customers

2: Just do it

3: It takes 2 or 3 times longer and it’s often harder than you think it’s going to be

Bonus Tip – Remember to enjoy the Journey

Thanks for Listening!

Podcast Transcript

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