42 Interview with Colly Graham Salesxcellence

In this episode I chat with Colly Graham CEO Salesxcellence about the importance of sales within Businesses both small and large.  Colly Graham in 1996 who has over forty years’ experience in telephone, field sales and sales management. Colly is recognized as an international sales trainer who achieves excellent results.

Colly chats about the key traits which make a good sales person and how being resilient is an important characteristic of a successful sales person.  When it comes to sales Colly explains it’s all about being a ‘problem solver’ A good sales person has to be a good listener.   

Colly explains how a business can recognise a well-qualified sales opportunity and that account management is key within business.  He shares this top 3 sales tips and techniques to help small businesses generate better sales. 

We discuss the impact which Social Media, the Internet and in particular LinkedIn has had on the sales process and Colly share’s his thoughts on how businesses can use LinkedIn more effectively within the sales process. 

Finally Colly talks about this upcoming 3 Day Accelerate your Sales in 2019 training and development and how it will help sales professionals.  More details on the program here


Podcast Transcript

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