44 Interview with Adam & George Foxglove Productions

In this episode I chat with Adam and George 2 independent video content creators based in Derry & owners of Foxglove Productions.  Both Adam and George met at college and saw a gap in the North West Region to help businesses and brands create cost effective video content with high quality results. 

Adam also known on YouTube as IzonHow is a successful You Tube content creator in his own right and has been Vlogging for some time  – I first came across Adam at an event which we both had been speaking at and felt inviting the guys onto the podcast would be a great way to do more of a deep dive into the world of creating effective video content. 

We kick off the episode finding out why Adam and George decided to launch their own video content agency and what the motivation was behind it.  Adam explains the key to all video content is about storytelling and that each video not matter how short or long needs to have a start, middle & end. 

Adam explains how he uses YouTube as a Vlogger & the steps which he focuses on when create regular videos for this YouTube community and how businesses can tap into the power of video content.

George explains what businesses need to think about when it comes to creating video content as he puts it ‘Clients should ask themselves what would they say about there business if they where explaining it to someone, explain you’re business in a nutshell’

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